Funny Program Error

(Works with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10) This funny prank will make the victim think that an error occurred on the program they,re opening.
1.Open Notepad.
2.Copy, paste, and edit: X=Msgbox("Message Here",0+16,"Title Here") into Notepad.
3.Replace the codes("Message Here",0+16,"Title Here")
into something like this: ("Contact the creators of the software. Error code(00003x)",0+16,"Error"
4.Save it as a .vbs
5.After saving it, create a shortcut on the desktop screen.
6.Disguise it by renaming it (eg. :Mozilla Firefox) and change the icon that matches the title of the disguised file by right-clicking it then clicking Properties and clicking Change Icon.
7.Get your victim. Wait until he/she clicks the disguised file and have fun.

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