8 evil pranks to know about

Evil pranks are meant to severely terrify or hurt another person and should never ever be played even if you feel someone deserves to be punished. I'm including this here to educate you on some of the possible prank ideas that might be played on you someday if you have the habit of making a lot of people unhappy. Read on and figure out how to overcome the problems these pranks bring if they are ever played on you.

1. Craigslist Free Stuff Ad

In this most evil of evil pranks, place an online advertisement on behalf of your victim stating that the house is going to be demolished and everything that the reader can remove is free - feel free to knock down the front door. Be sure to give the address and a contact number, and place the ad to attract the hoard of unwitting looters on a day your victim won't be at home.

You might think that the people who read the ad might call to check for its legitimacy, but for every one person who would check, it seems that a whole lot more won't. What's even sadder is that a lot more people will believe whatever is written on the internet is true and legitimate, than those who know better than to believe everything they read.

This prank has happened before, so beware as it could happen to you. Click here to read the original article (opens new window). The scary thing is that an evil prankster can easily hide his tracks and provide a bogus contact number - the victim will not know until it's too late.

2. Chained Vehicle Wheel

The next time you get into your car, take note of what you look at before you start your car and drive of. Now stop and think about what you don't check. I bet you don't check the tires at the passenger side before getting into your car, if you check your tires at all.

In this evil prank, get a thick chain and a padlock. Thread the chain through the spoke of the wheel, then lock both ends of the chain together with the padlock. When your victim drives the car, it's going to make a lot of noise, and damage the body of the car surrounding the wheel.

It's more straightforward if you do this on a motorcycle or a bicycle. Once you chain the wheel to the body, there's no way he's going to be able to use it until he cuts the chain or the padlock.

3. Glue into keyholes

Feel locked out all the time? Well, a little quick drying glue to the keyhole of a door or padlock will keep it shut for good. You can keep your victim from opening his drawer or entering his home until he gets some help to remove it, or knock it down. Not very evil, but still an evil prank, nonetheless.

4. Bloody Mary

In this evil prank, you're going to scare the wits out of your victim. Not just scare, but terrify and give him no way out of the terrifying situation. If your victim hasn't already heard about Bloody Mary, introduce him to the terrifying tale. Create some details of the story, e.g. she was a psychopathic killer in colonial times who butchered and ate other people regularly and loved to look into the mirror. The power of suggestion works to scare your victim here.

According to legend, before she died she managed to issue a curse so that if anyone looked into a mirror and chanted her name, she'd come back to kill them. Fortunately, however, if you turn on the lights and leave the room quickly, she'll vanish, preventing her from killing you. Dare your victim to invoke Bloody Mary for thrills and reassure him that it'll be okay, so long as the lights come on.

When your victim is in the room, turn off the power supply to the room (usually can be done by flipping the correct circuit breaker, or just turn off the main supply). Then step outside quickly and close the door. You can just hold it shut if you can't lock it from the outside.

Your victim is probably panicking like mad now after seeing his own reflection in the mirror. It takes a while for the eyes to adjust, then the mind just takes over and plays on the power of suggestion. Now if you had an accomplice hiding in the room with a mask and a fake knife, the effect is going to be even more terrifying for your victim.

This is a very evil prank, although it's likely to only work on kids.

5. Fiberglass Insulation - in Dryer

Did you know that fiberglass insulation can make your skin itch? Add in a small patch into your victim's dryer and it will likely break up into tiny fibers. A great deal of it will get caught in the lint trap, but enough of it will mix in to your victim's clothes.

Your victim's going to have a hard time finding out what happened and will probably go nuts before he does. Please don't try this out at a laundromat.

6. Disable an Account

I found out by accident that you can disable some online accounts if you entered the wrong password enough times. I was doing some online banking and entered the wrong user-name. For example, I usually used "A", but only "B" was available for this particular bank. I mistakenly entered "A" and entered every old password I ever used and hey presto, "A" was locked out and had to call the bank.

If you happen to know some of these private details of your victim, you can easily play this evil prank. When he has called the bank (or whichever service) to unlock the account, simply repeat. It can be a hassle, and if your victim has a habit of paying his credit card bills online at the last moment, you'd probably be helping him miss this month's payment.

7. Poster Revenge

Got ditched by a particularly mean ex? In this evil prank, you'll be creating posters with their picture on it. Make an embarrassing caption at the bottom, e.g. "This person gave me herpes" or "This person sucks in bed". Once you have it up, go to a place that your ex frequents and post it up in the toilets repeatedly over the week until most of the people there have seen it. That place won't be a favorite for your ex after you're done!

8. Fake Pregnancy In this evil prank, you'll be faking a pregnancy, on someone else! Convince your victim that she's pregnant by giving her morning sickness with syrup of ipecac, and top it off with a pregnancy test that always tests positive. Introduce some syrup of ipecac into your victim's morning drink for a few days. Meanwhile, purchase a real pregnancy test kit and repackage the fake one into it.

After 3 days of nausea and vomiting, suggest to your victim that she could be pregnant. Offer to buy her a pregnancy test kit to find out, then give her the one with the fake inside. Once it tests positive, watch your victim freak out.

This prank will only succeed if your victim is sexually active. If you looking for a fake pregnancy test for other purposes (fooling your husband or boyfriend maybe).

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading these pranks. Remember, no one should be on the receiving end of these pranks.

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