7 great bridal gag gift ideas

Can’t seem to find the perfect bridal gag gift for your soon-to-be-wed friend? Look no more, then. Here we have another seven great ideas for you!

1. Special marriage certificate

Does the couple have a particular interest that you know of? Perhaps the bride is an avid bowler, or the groom likes to go fishing. Here’s the perfect gag gift — create a funny marriage certificate that pokes fun at his or her hobby.

These hilarious certificates should be specifically written based on the theme of your choosing. For example, the “Bowled Over” certificate might use bowling lingo to describe the couple’s commitment to each other. Include a space for the couple, witnesses and officiant to sign on and make it “official”. Your best buddy will certainly appreciate the thought!

2. Natural bubble bath for two!

Bridal gag gifts need not be expensive, and some of the best ones can be home-made. Get some dried beans and place them in a nice, sealed container. Then attach a copy of your favorite recipe for cooking the beans. Don’t forget to add in a humorous note reminding the couple to sit in a tub of hot water after eating the beans for a natural “bubble bath”. This gift will leave the bride and groom in stitches!

3. Wedding night in progress; do not disturb!

Here’s a bridal gag gift that is almost a necessity for newly-weds: a special wedding night “Do Not Disturb” door knob sign . With this sign, the couple can let the world know that it’s their special night and, accordingly, they are not to be disturbed. Create one with by printing out a cutout and sticking it on a piece of cardboard or if you're handy in embroidery, sew the message on a small pillow, then sew a string on it so you can hang the pillow on the doorknob!

4. Pregnancy aids

If one of the couple is a close family member, try giving them a pregnancy kit. For this gag gift, stock the kit with essential pregnancy-related items such as pregnancy tests, home ovulation tests, a thermometer etc. Throw in a book about getting pregnant quickly too! Remember to include a note saying that you’re waiting for grandchildren/niece/nephew (depending on your relationship).

5. Hubby helper tool belt

A common joke is that a husband seldom helps his wife do the cleaning around the house. So poke fun on the groom with a hubby helper tool belt (opens in new window - we're not affiliated to, nor do we endorse this website, but we found it fun)! This heavy duty, reinforced tool belt is designed for husbands and arms them for the difficult, often confusing chore of helping with the cleaning.

This product comes with an assortment of helpful tools for cleaning, as well as a daily schedule to remind to remind him of his chores. There’s even a collection of cleaning tips to get him started. This is one bridal gag gift that the bride will absolutely love!

6. A diploma in…marriage?

This gag gift will require you to be a little creative. Using your computer, design a funny diploma certifying the recipient as a degree holder in “Marriage”. Then print it out and frame it as a gift. For added effect, you can create diplomas for both of them!

Of course, anything other than a "Bachelor's" degree would work!

7. New mom’s delight

We’ve heard it all before; some husbands just can’t be bothered to help out around the house and leave it all to their wives. Prepare the bride with a book: Porn for New Moms: From the Cambridge Women's Pornography Cooperative. This book is a collection of a wife’s idea of porn — a husband who loves to help around the house! A perfect bridal gag gift for the lucky couple with a good sense of humor.

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