7 Birthday gag gifts and unique ways to give them

You're looking for great birthday gag gifts and a great way to give them to your friend. Why not consider the gifts below and use the prank ideas to give him or her the present? It's great for a practical joker. Beware though, for he might play it back on you with his gift!

1. Get him a fake hand.

Pretend to want to fix your victim something on his birthday then shoo him out of the kitchen. You'll need to wear long sleeved shirt you can hide your hand up in. Setup some fake blood and dab it on your 'hand' and leave it on the chopper board. Then take a large knife in hand and pull your long sleeve over your other hand.

Knock the chopping board loudly with the knife, then scream or shout in as if you're in pain and horror. When the birthday boy comes in, keep screaming and point at the fake hand. Once birthday boy (or girl) falls for it, pop your hand back out from under your sleeve, wish him a happy birthday and give the present. Sure beats any wrapping the birthday gag gift.

2. Shocking Pens

Give your friend a shocking pen that you can purchase in online or your local gag stores for his birthday gag gift. The click pen lookalike will give your victim a nasty (but harmless - except if your friend depends on a life critical device like a pacemaker) electric jolt when he presses on the button. You'll need to repackage it to like a decent AND expensive pen, of course. The idea is to get him to accept it and test it out by clicking it.

The trick to this is to get it a good looking box. Any decent shiny pen can be made to look more expensive than it really is if it comes with a good looking box. You can buy a wooden one off the net or shelf for about USD6. Some are empty inside, while others come with an insert that will hold your pen. Check out the stores for these fancy pens yourself to get some packaging ideas.

Once you've repackaged your shocking pen into an expensive top-notch looking pen, wrap it up and give it to your friend! He'll get a really shocking surprise trying this present out.

3. Fart Machine

Get your friend a remote controlled fart machine as a birthday gag gift, but keep the remote. When you press the remote control button, the small machine creates farting noises. This birthday gag gift is best delivered at a party where the gifts will be stacked up at a corner waiting to be unwrapped at end of the party. Throughout the party, randomly press on the fart machine controls and the sounds will come from the present pile. Eventually everyone will realize it's coming from the present pile, but no one will know which one until the presents are unwrapped!

Once your gift is discovered, give the control to your birthday friend, of course.

4. Blank Check

Well, it really is a blank check, except that it almost literally bounces! Give your friend a blank rubber check for his birthday in an envelop. You can purchase one from an online gag store quite easily. The gag gift speaks for itself when opened.

5. Bald Head Wig

Give a bald head wig to your friend as a birthday gag gift, only if he's bald! It should give you and every bystander a good natured laugh. Of course, do this only to someone you like. For this gift, the original packaging should be left intact to make it clear what it is. Just package the whole lot with some gift wrapping.

6. Hand Buzzer

When you come over to a birthday party, tell your birthday friend that you have a present for him later. When he it's time to unwrap the presents, give your friend a 'birthday handshake', with your hand buzzer wound up and ready. Then give him the hand buzzer as a gift. Who says birthday gag gifts have to be delivered in nicely wrapped packaging?

What is a hand buzzer? It has a spring inside the device that you coil up. When you shake hands with your victim, the coil unwinds and vibrates (buzzes) making it feel like an electric shock to your friend.

7. Farting Bear

Is the birthday person a spouse, your child, or someone living in your home? Give them a farting bear. It creates fart noises when you press on a remote, just like the fart machine in prank idea #1! When your victim holds on to the bear after unwrapping it, just press the remote to get some laughs.

Another way to prolong the prank is to let your victim accept the bear unsuspectingly in his or her room, then get the bear to toot when your victim passes by the bear. Your victim will probably take some time to find out the source of the farting noises if the bear toots when he or she is not looking.

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