Baby shower gag gifts: 5 amusing ideas

Baby shower gag gifts offer an alternative to the usual (and predictable) things that expectant parents receive as gifts. They bring humor and light-hearted amusement to the shower. While the main purpose is to have some laughs, it’s a clever way of showing you care. Here we have five ideas for the coming baby shower you’ve been worrying about.

1. Parenting kit

It can be tricky making sure you have all the baby’s diapering essentials when going out together. This is especially true for new parents. Give them a little help with this gag gift idea: a parenting kit for changing diapers.

In the kit, insert practical as well as funny items. Think baby wipes, rubber gloves, goggles, plastic tongs (to handle diapers). You can even get a couple of clothes pegs for the nose! This works best with a note providing hilarious instructions on how to use everything in the kit.

2. Mom-to-be sash

Here’s a simple baby shower gag gift. Get a Mom-to-be sash for the expectant mother and drape it on her during the shower as a surprise. For extra laughs, you can also get a similar, matching sash for the expectant father. This gag gift makes for great pictures which you can also frame later as a belated gift. These sashes are easily available from many online sellers.

3. Supersized tummy-rubber

A common sight in baby showers is when people gently rub the mother’s tummy and go awwws and aahhhs. Turn those into laughter instead with a huge foam hand to rub the mother’s tummy with. For this gag gift, you’ll need a foam hand that is shaped like an open palm. If you like, you can customize the foam hand with the mommy’s name (or nickname) or a clever line.

4. DIY countdown counter

This is a simple but great baby shower gag gift. Make a special countdown counter for the expectant parents! Depending on the expected birth date, create a counter that looks like a flip-chart style desk calendar.

Instead of a calendar, have the counter count down how many weeks or days are left before the baby arrives. You can customize the pages to make it feel more personalized and intimate. While being creative, keep the couple’s personalities and preferences in mind too when creating the counter. It would be fun for the couple to use the counter and the countdown will add to the excitement!

5. Peepee teepee!

If the couple is expecting a baby boy, this is a hilarious and perfect gag gift. A peepee teepee would come in useful when they’re changing the baby’s diaper. They won’t have to worry about dodging their lovely baby’s little sprinkler! You can easily get this online or at your local gag gift store.

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