5 baby shower gag gift ideas for new parents

A well thought out baby shower gag gift can add extra smiles and laughter to a baby shower. Expecting a baby can be a nerve-wracking experience for new parents, so the amusement from your gag gift can help them loosen up and feel more relaxed. Here are five gag gift ideas for new parents expecting their first baby.

1. Daddy’s diaper vest

This is a hilarious but practical gag gift. Simply put, a daddy’s diaper vest is basically a diaper bag that the daddy-to-be can wear. The mommy-to-be will certainly appreciate this particular gift!

These vests usually come with many pockets, so the daddy can carry all types of baby essentials that you would expect to find in a diaper bag. The pockets are usually placed strategically for the daddy’s convenience when changing the baby. You can find many different colors, sizes and designs available from online gag stores.

2. Daddy-O-rodeo T-shirt

Kids love to ride on their fathers’ backs. Prepare the expectant father for this with a Daddy-O-rodeo T-shirt. This baby shower gag gift is an especially made T-shirt with a 3-D picture of a saddle at the back.

The saddle’s picture is not only in 3-D, but is thicker than the shirt’s material. Therefore when the baby grows up, he or she will have a “saddle” to ride daddy on! It’s a fun way to have a good-natured laugh at the shower about the prospect of being a father. These gag shirts are easily available across the internet, and doesn’t cost that much too.

3. Ear plugs

Here’s a classic, simple baby shower gag gift that never gets old: a pair of ear plugs. New parents will need to take turns taking care of the baby so that they can both have some rest. Therefore, the off-duty parent can use the plugs to get some well-deserved peace and quiet. Mind you, this gift will not only help them get through the early months after the baby arrives, but for years to come!

4. Wheel of baby’s fortune

Sometimes, new parents find it hard to decide whose turn it is to take care of the baby. Especially when the baby cries in the middle of the night and they’re both tired. So help them choose by giving them a spinning wheel. You can make this baby shower gag gift yourself; there are many articles on how to make a spinning wheel across the internet.

Decorate the top of the wheel with “Mommy”, “Daddy”, and then “Mommy” again and so on. If you feel up to it, you can add in different conditions to each option like “Daddy for the whole night” or “Mommy, just this once”. This gift will bring smiles and laughs from everyone! Alternatively, you can buy this kind of gag spinning wheel online. It would also be a perfect match if given with the ear plugs gag gift idea mentioned above.

5. Hint, hint

As the expected date of delivery gets closer, the mommy-to-be will need more and more help with chores around the house. So here’s one baby shower gag gift that will delight her: a basic-level help book on doing household chores for the expecting father. There are many different books available at your nearest bookstore. Be careful that the couple (especially the daddy-to-be) shares your sense of humor though. Some people may find this offensive so this is best for couples that you know well.

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