7 anniversary gag gift ideas for him or for her

Wedding anniversaries are wonderful to celebrate. And with the right anniversary gag gift, you can make your partner’s smile even wider! Here we bring you five ideas for your next wedding anniversary.

1. Oh beloved mine
Here’s a simple but hilarious idea to celebrate your wedding anniversary. Get a matching pair of clothing (like T-shirts or caps) items as your gag gift. Be careful to choose the type of items that both of you usually wear. For example, don’t get matching caps if neither of you wear caps often.

The joke is in the words printed on the clothing items. For the male item, have it say “Property of (wife’s name) since (marriage year)”. For the female item, have it say “Owns (husband’s name) since (marriage year)”! Wearing this gift together in public would leave everyone seeing it in stitches!

2. Funny underwear
Here’s a funny wedding anniversary gag gift idea if your spouse shares your sense of humor. Give him or her a funny underwear with hilarious captions like “Feelin’ lucky tonight” or “Hot mama”. There are numerous humorous underwear sites that offer a wide selection for you to choose from. Be careful when giving these out, though. Your partner maybe expecting a more meaningful gift to mark your anniversary, so be prepared with a second gift in addition to this gag gift.

3. Special plaque
Here’s the perfect gag gift if you and your spouse refer to yourselves as “A & B” all the time. Get a special gag plaque to celebrate your anniversary! On the plaque, engrave both of your names and your marriage year in corporate-style “date established” kind of way. It would be funnier if the your partner has a particular catchphrase that has become your “trademark” in a way.

4. Honey, our anniversary made headlines!
This anniversary gag works best if you have been married for a long time. Create a special news headline about your anniversary using graphic editing software. Personalize it with a funny (but related) newspaper name and headline title, as well as a photo of you together. Most importantly, you can add in a short, funny feature story featuring the wedding anniversary. One especially funny idea would be to add your own comments about your marriage as if you were interviewed for the feature story.

Laminate and frame the headline before you give it to the couple. Making it seem like an old, yellowed piece of newspaper would be a nice touch. If you find this difficult to do though, don’t worry. Many sellers on the internet offer easy customization options for your convenience.

5. Together always
Here’s another anniversary gag gift idea if you’ve been married for many, many years. Get a matching pair of canes for the both of you. Add in a funny card or note with light-heartedly written instructions on how to use them. Don’t forget to mention how these will come in handy someday! The beauty of this gag gift is that it also contains a deeper, heartwarming message; it quietly symbolizes that you love him or her deeply, and will still do when you’re both old and grey.

6. Funny card
Sometimes, the simplest ideas are the best and funniest option. Why not give a gag card as an anniversary gag gift? A huge number of them sold online (or at your nearest gag store) come with hilarious poems, sayings and cartoons. Some even come with funny noises! If you want to, you can also make your own card and write private jokes on it for your special someone.

7. Forever smokin’
Have you been married for quite a number of years? Then this is the perfect anniversary gag gift. It’s a DIY gift but is quite simple to make.

Find a cartoon drawing of a young couple together, who have great physical appearance. The picture must be big enough to fit in a regular-sized picture frame (or as big as you like). Then cut out their faces in perfect circles and replace with your own and your partner’s faces. Include a card that says you remember how beautiful he or she was when you first met, and that that is how you will always see him/her. Don’t forget to frame it as your anniversary gag gift!

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