Good pranks to play on sleeping people - 30 ideas (Pranks 1 to 10)

If you're looking for good pranks to play on your friends or family as they sleep, you've come to the right place. I've included pranks that will get you some laughs. Beware as some of these pranks might put your victim in a really cranky mood.

1. Phone in bottle prank

I laughed hard when I watched this prank. It's definitely one of the "must-do" pranks to play on someone just for the awesome "huh?" reaction. How the heck do you put a phone in an empty plastic soda bottle? Well, I found out that the prankster pulled down the label, cut a flap in the mid-section of the bottle then put the phone in. After that the prankster covered the flap with the label, so the bottle looked whole again. It's a simple and gratifying prank idea as your poor victim won't be able to figure this out quickly having just woken up from bed.

2. Ice in the Ear Barf

Now I haven't tried this prank personally, but according to someone I know, if your victim is in a deep sleep and you put an ice cube in their ear, they'll wake up barfing eventually. It seems that once the cold water reaches the inner ear of your victim, it upsets the cochlea that regulates your body's balance, causing nausea and barfing. If I were you I'd only try this if your victim is lying on his side. He'd choke otherwise.

3. Warm water in hand pee

According to this many descriptions of this classic prank, if you place your sleeping your sleeping victim's hand in warm water, he will end up peeing in his sleep. Have you tried this one yet? It looks like one of the top 'good pranks to play' on someone. The other prank before this ends up with your victim vomiting, which is a lot worse.

4. Baby Oil on toes

While your victim is asleep, rub on some baby oil every so gently between his toes. You'll find him rubbing his toes all night while asleep in an attempt to remove the baby oil. The devilish part is that it's subconscious, so your victim will end up feeling very tired the next day and not really know why. He may suspect that the baby oil had something to do with it, especially if he reads this.

5. Shaving cream on hand

Every noticed that most people wipe their face with their hands when they wake up? Well, most I've seen at least put A hand on their face, if not wipe them. You can take advantage of that and spray some shaving cream on your victim's hand. Then help wake your victim up by tickling his nose with a feather. Chances are your victim will splat the cream on his own face for you! Definitely one of the good pranks to play on your friend!

6. Inked fingers

Like the shaving cream prank above, you'll be taking advantage of the fact that people tend to wipe their faces when they wake up. Get an ink pad, grab your victim's hand and ink it. Now you need to know which hand they will tend to use and ink that one. It's very likely that your victim will wake up after feeling the 'wetness' of the ink, so you probably won't need to tickle his nose. If he doesn't wake up, then you know what to do.

7. Permanent Marker Face

I personally got hit by this prank 3 times. It's definitely up there in one of the good pranks to play on deep sleepers. If you try to draw on a light sleeper, you won't go very far as the wetness and pressure of the tip will likely wake him up. Be warned: permanent marker is very difficult to remove and fades over DAYS, so I suggest that you use magic ink or whiteboard marker instead.

8. Coffee table over face and air horn

This prank is hilarious just because it's so unexpected. Who'd expect a coffee table over them when they wake up? Place a small coffee table over your victim, keeping an air-horn in your hand. Once the coffee table is in place, sound the horn to jolt your victim awake. Your victim will make the head to table connection soon enough. It's the only one in this list of good pranks to play on someone that may bruise your victim a little.

9. Wrap victim in toilet paper

Have you ever played this prank on anyone? I haven't, but it sure sounds fun. It's a classic TP prank, except that the toilet paper ends up all around your victim. It's even better if you successfully wrap your friend around his bed - almost like a mummy! It's one of those good pranks to play on a friend as a group, so be sure to have your friends around!

10. Blaring Music

If you're wondering at all how an mp3/tape player can be used to play a prank on a sleeping person, wonder no more. This prank becomes a lot better if you're using the victim's own music player. If you have it, load noisy gunshot sounds. If you don't want to, or can't load the song in the player, choose the noisiest and loudest song in the player and set the volume to the maximum, but don't hit play just yet. Carefully place the headphones in your victim's ears and be prepared for the fun. Then hit play and get out of there! Guaranteed to freak out your victim, unless he's already deaf.

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