Invisible door

by Maddie

What you do is you get saran wrap ( idk how to spell it) and put it in front of a door if you don't have that much just put about 6 inch piece at the bottom of the door so it'd reach about the high ankle but if you want to you can cover the whole door but you have to make sure that Cant see it and there are no wrinkles on it now I did this 3 times the first time I did it when I was bored and my parents were asleep but I just put a little piece on the bottom but the other time I did it was when I was with my friend what we did was cover the whole door and write "YOU'VE BEEN WARNED'' but if you do that remember that you have to write backwards the 3rd time we did the same thing except we just didn't write anything but they fell for it every time

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