Nose freak out

by Melissa
(Los Angeles, California, USA)

I had a fake nose ring. My little sister was asleep. I snuck in her room, I made sure she was actually asleep - asleep. I set an alarm on my phone. It was 6:30 in the morning... My sister sleeps til 8 or 7 in the morning. I snuck quietly into her room and slid the nose ring right in between her nostrils. When she woke up, I told her she got her nose pierced. I asked her what she was doing at her sleepover... ( She got home late ) She flipped out. She ran to our parents... My parents found it funny. They knew it was a prank. I told them not to tell her it was a prank. She was so worried and was trying to cut it out. I told her I would pull it out. She was crying and so scared.. I pulled it out and she didn't notice. I told her it was fake and she just stared at me. It was so funny. If your family isn't scary and violent, try this prank... You will have a good laugh.

We did...

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