Office Birthday Prank Ideas: 5 tips to office birthday pranking.

So, you want some office birthday prank ideas to get at the birthday boy or girl. Here's 5 to get you started.

1. Paper Cups Greeting

The first of the prank ideas is a twist to the "Paper Cups!" prank in "10 funny ways to 'vandalize' a cubicle". You'll need more cups though. Get a lot of paper or plastic cups and place them in the cubicle. Staple them together for good measure. Fill all of them to the brim with water. Drip some food coloring (e.g. red coloring) into some of the cups to spell out happy birthday. Watch as your target tries (usually in vain) to remove your birthday surprise without spilling anything.

2. 'Big' Present

Get a small box (or 4 dice, if you want to). Wrap the box (or dice) with 1 layer of newspaper. Now wrap the whole package with another newspaper. Then wrap it again and again until you get to a box size of at least 15cm (you get the idea, right?). Giftwrap the whole package, and add a ribbon and a birthday card on top of the gift-wrapped package. This works best on colleagues who have an obsession with peeling each layer individually to preserve wrapping paper.

3. Cake Swap

Order a small cake with suggestive or outright adult decorations. Alternatively, get some whipped cream to do some redecorating of your own. If you know where the real cake is placed unguarded, swap the cakes. There's a good chance that the cake will be brought in without opening the box to put the candles first.

4. Inextinguishable Candles

This is a rather old school member of the office birthday prank ideas collection here, but will work if it has never been done in your workplace. Buy some inextinguishable candles and swap them for the standard candles. Watch as your colleague tries to blow out these candles.

5. Toilet Birthday Advert

Grab headshots of the victim off team photos and enlarge it onto A4 or letter sized paper. Print the caption "Give me a birthday hug!" under the headshot. Highlight the word "birthday". Paste the printouts under the toilet seat covers in every toilet in the office.

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