7 drunk prank ideas for drunken friends

A drunk prank is a must for any night out. Add some extra fun to your next night out with your friends with one of these awesome prank ideas!

1. Taped to the wall

This is a simple prank idea. With the help of some friends, drag the victim to a wall and use some duct tape to tape him to the wall. Then take some pictures of the victim on the wall. You can also tape the victim to the wall in several special “poses” before taking pictures.

2. Zipper malfunction

Drinking a lot will make you go to the toilet more often. Here’s an easy prank idea; super glue the victim’s zipper shut. The drunk victim will never figure out how to get out of his pants in time!

3. Classic drawing prank

Drunk friends are an easy target for this classic prank idea. With a non-permanent black marker, use your creativity with the victim’s face as your canvas. Don’t forget to take pictures after you’ve added some hilarious messages on the victim’s face!

4. Missing friends

This is a great prank idea when you’re at the bar in a big group. When the drunk victim goes to the toilet, get everyone to hide out of sight. Then watch as the victim is confused by the sudden disappearance of his friends.

5. Super glue fest

For this drunk prank idea, you’ll need a pair of old overalls and a lot of super glue. When the victim is drunk enough, slip on the overalls and then use super glue to stick tons of miscellaneous items that you no longer need on him! Take some pictures and leave him in that condition till morning. His reaction when he wakes up will be hilarious!

6. The shaving cream man

All this drunk prank idea needs is shaving cream. Lots and lots of shaving cream. Cover the victim from head to toe in shaving cream, leaving just his face area uncovered.

You may want to cover the couch with a piece of cloth to avoid stains. Getting a lot of friends to help will help make this process faster. The pictures will be priceless!

7. Mismatched superhero outfit

This is a particularly hilarious prank idea. When the victim is drunk, start changing his clothes with random clothing items. Don’t limit yourself to just men’s clothing; add in some cross-dressing elements to make it funnier. The pictures will be legendary!

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