Imaginary Friend (Missing Friend alternative)

by Hcokiddtony
(Las Vegas, NV)

My best friend got drunk as hell, and I showed up at his house at night to hang out with him. I stayed sober, but he drank even more. He eventually stopped. I cooked a meal for both of us, and we talked *a little* about our day (I told him I got a black girls phone number and added her on facebook). He played some Black Ops 2 on his PSN account, I played a couple rounds too *on his account, I DIDN'T LOG INTO MINE*. Eventually he decided to fall asleep and that's when I went to work.

Here's where the prank starts. I fixed my side of the bed: blankets, pillows, etc. to make it appear that half of the bed was untouched (yes, we do sleep in the same bed if I sleep over, relax). now, I cleaned up all the dishes that i had dirtied when making food, AND I dried them and placed them exactly where they were in the cupboards. I then removed every article of trash I had made from the trash cans and put them in a separate bag which I took with me.

Now, here's the more detailed parts. I got his phone and changed his time from automatic to manual, and changed the time back to 12:03am (this is when he texted me last saying some form of "if you're not on your way yet you don't have to come over, i'm already drunk and i'm going to sleep."). I sent him a text from my phone telling him something like "alright, don't go too crazy with the drinking man. goodnight bro." then, I texted myself from his phone one last time saying "okay, i'll try not to. goodnight man."

EVEN MORE DETAILS NOW. before i placed his phone back on his charger, I made sure to return the time back to the correct time. I even made his task manager show the same apps he had open AND IN THE SAME ORDER THEY WERE." Lastly, I had to explain to the aforementioned black girl that I was playing a prank and that I would have to delete her from facebook for a short time (she understood). I gathered up all my stuff, the trash I had bagged, and left his house out the back door. I locked both doors, and even somehow managed to deadbolt one of them (don't ask me how I did it, it's still a mystery to me too.

Now, my goal is to remain as straight faced as possible when he asks me about last night. He will say something like "Why did you leave last night?" and I will tell him "what are you talking about? I never came over last night, remember?" The more he tries to prove I was there, the more he'll think that I would never go through that much trouble to trick him, thus getting him to freak out and think he imagined it all. And yes, I did just get through doing this prank just now lol.

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