Wet slippers when someones at the door

by Jessica Renteria Rodriguez
(Watsonville, California)

When your victim is asleep wet his/hers slippers and then knock on the wall and they will think some ones at the door and wake up and they will step right into the wet slippers.

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Apr 05, 2016
it was so funny
by: secret pranker

hahaha I tried it was so funny she was so annoyed
she hated me i was laughing my head off while she was moaning on her bed the day after she wanted to put her slippers on but she wouldn't cause they were still wet i came in her bedroom and she did a
dirty look at me I was giggling cause I knew she wouldn't put her slippers on after that she was giggling and now she tries to prank me and I just laugh it is so funny everyone in the world should try it hahahaha people need to tell their friends cause they will be laughing so much if they do it and their sisters will be pranking them soon enough hahahaha I love it thats it for now hahahaha I'm still giggling now it was so funny I only did it last night

Apr 01, 2016
it is very funy

it is the funniest prank I ever did

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