by Maddie Smith

All you need is a bit of paper and a pen and someone you want to prank.

1. Get the piece of paper, fold it, put on the outside: this is your secret lover, meet me .... (And put on the dot dot dot where you would want the person to be)... See me there at ..... (Put the time you would want the person to be waiting there for you) from your girlfriend/boyfriend.' Then put lots of kisses.

2. Write it like you wouldn't normally write it, so the person can't guess who you are. Then they will be waiting for ages where you wanted to meet them, while you are just chilling somewhere else!!

3. Put on the inside , and write it small, but not too small; Not really, I don't want to go out with YOU! Then stick it on their bag or locker!

4. If you want to, you can write it to someone that is really gross and ugly that hasn't already got a girlfriend/boyfriend and then they will be really excited, cause someone wants to go out with them...not!

5. Enjoy this prank, it might or might not work, but it's worth a try! Have fun!!!!!!!

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