6 more Telemarketer Prank Calls

Are telemarketers bothering you yet again? Try out these telemarketer prank calls on them. These may or may not bewilder the clueless telemarketer, but it'll definitely shorten the conversation.

1. Burglar of the house

When the telemarketer is halfway through the sales pitch, shush him and whisper that you think that "they are home". When he asks who "they" are, say "the people who live here" then hang up. The telemarketer might just end up falling for your prank idea and believing that you're a burglar.

2. Soup Kitchen

This is the briefest telemarketer prank call in the list. When the telemarketer is done introducing himself and starts his sales pitch, say "Telemarketer eh? NO SOUP FOR YOU!". Then hang up.

3. I don't talk to strangers

In this simple telemarketer prank, say this to the telemarketer - "Didn't your mother teach you not to talk to strangers?". Then tell him that you don't talk to strangers. Hang up. It's a great prank idea to break in a new telemarketer who dares call you at home.

4. Long time no see

For convenience, let's call our telemarketer Joe. When Joe calls and introduces himself and is about to start his marketing spiel, quickly jump in and say something along the lines of "Hey Joe! What a surprise! How have you been? Telemarketer now eh? Now I don't want to keep you on the phone since you're on business so I'll meet you for lunch next Friday noon at , k? Seeya!". The key to this prank idea is to keep speaking without pausing long enough for Joe to interrupt. Then hang up.

5. Colors

Answer the phone saying "Yellow". It sounds like "Hello", so that's what the telemarketers will probably think you said. When the telemarketer asks for someone, say "Blue?". It sounds almost like "Who?". Then follow up with random colors of your choice. This is a great telemarketer prank for those who love to confuse others.

6. Man of the house

If ever a telemarketer asks for the man of the house, try this prank out. If you're a woman, say you're him. If you're a man, say he's busy at the moment, and if he or she next asks for the woman of the house, say, "You're talking to her".

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