Remote Mouse Fun

by Abdullah
(Canada )

Remote mouse is an amazing app for scaring / pranking kids between the ages of 15-5, to maximize its ability and to successfully scare or prank the computer user you must change the settings of Remote mouse to your... "Tone"... Once thats out of the way Scare / prank galore, Heres an example of what I did to my cousin, when she was typing in the url for her favourite game collection website, I backspaced all here typing, and when she was done typing she noticed that the computer was typing by its self first I wrote "I am ghost" and after she backed off the computer wait for her to come back then wrote "I am here to kill you Name, this prank works very effectively at night or when the kid is drowsy. I know this is kinda childish, but what can I say being a kid Before rocked... Anyways just search up remote mouse all the Information bout it is in their website.

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