Message From Bloody Mary

by Breeanna Jay Esparza
(92240, DHS CA)

So when your victim is taking a hot shower or at least one that causes steam to fog up the mirror, then make sure you have a way to enter the bathroom while your victim is showering without being seen. About 3 minutes into their shower, get a red colored liquid or fake Vampire Blood and dip your fingertips in it. Then quietly enter the shower and write your message in the foggy mirror. The most common messages are;

*You will die tonight
*Death is near
*Say your last prayers
*I'll make it quick
You can tell your victim what really happened or you can let them figure it out. The people that are most likely to be tricked by this are between the ages of 8&14. If you have a little sibling below 8, but can read, then let the prank begin. This is how you successfully execute the prank, "Message From Bloody Mary".

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