Lock Your Car

by vbdenny
(Virginia Beach, VA)

It was a cold winter night in Oswego, NY when we pulled into a 7-11 type store to buy beer. The snow was blowing and it was very cold. As some of us sat in the car while our delegates secured the beverages, a guy came in, got out of his car leaving it running and went in. Being security minded, we got out and hit his power locks so his car wouldn't get stolen. When he came out, we said, hey, you left your car unlocked so we locked it for you so nobody would steal it. He gave a blank look for a moment then unleashed a torrent of language impressing even us colleges as we booked.

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Sep 25, 2014
love it
by: Anonymous

I see so many people leave there car running while they run in somewhere and i dont get it. It is so unsafe and it is illegal i love this idea i will have to remember this

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