ice cubes of death

by Vernon Borchert
(Nampa, Idaho)

Neighbor is a religious nut job that always has something to say bad about liberals, Obama, the economy, immigrants abortion and all the rest. He is a self righteous blowhard as religious people tend to be. He also loves his lawn. So, for 50 cents at a yard sale I bought old ice cube trays, 2 to be specific. I filled them with that good old cancer causing agent that monsonto lied about to farmers everywhere (shit gmo product killing us all). Now when the religious idiot brings up an offensive topic I go to the old fridge in the garage and get a few cubes, then I toss them over the fence. Religidiot (great new term, feel free to use it and pass it around)has a lawn that is now off our list of best community yards and gardens. He complains about it a lot.I don't care. I do this often at the simple sound of his voice.

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Jun 29, 2015
by: Anonymous

I did something similar to my neighbors pool, I use wilton green food gel in dark green mixed up with 20 oz of water and froze it one summer night and tossed them into the pool, all summer they tried shocking it and adding algaecide to get rid of it, to no avail, its an above ground pool like an intex or whatever, hilarious because they were trying SO hard to fix it, it looked gross and neighbors started calling code on them.

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