5 harmless dorm pranks

Here are 5 harmless dorm pranks that you can try on your unsuspecting victims. Whether you are in boarding school, college or university, these prank ideas should work for you without damaging your victim's property.

1. Dorm Room Tug Of War

You can create a mini tug-of-war in the dorm halls if the doors to each room open inwards. This prank idea works best if you have an accomplice, but you can do it alone. Simply tie one room door handle to another room opposite it, then knock on both doors quickly.

Optional: When both doors start tugging on each other, cut the rope and watch them fall back into their rooms. Then run!

2. Nasty Vitamin Smell

You know how some vitamins are just plain stinky? Give your victim the gift of 'aromatherapy' by taping one of those to an incandescent bulb (the types that give out yellowish light and gets hot) that is hidden by a lamp shade. Tape a few to the room heaters as well to give more for your victim to find. When your victim turns on the light, he'll have a smell to accompany it.

3. Framed - You need access to the room

Is your pal away from his dorm room for the weekend AND his door is unlocked? Time to strike with this harmless dorm prank! You'll need a 'do not disturb' sign plus recorded sounds of something embarrassing. Play the sounds in his room with the speakers turned up, then hang the sign outside the closed door. Be sure to remove the prank setup before your victim gets back.

You could try making your victim seem suicidal with lines like 'Life is pointless', 'Oh gosh I'm so lonely' and "I'm going to end this eventually" plus some sobbing thrown in. Alternatively, make your victim sound like a gay pervert with some sound clips from gay porn played in a loop.

4. Funny Stickers on the Door

This prank is as simple as it is harmless. Purchase a funny sign that is against your victim's beliefs. For example, if he's homophobic, get a pro-gay gag sticker. If he is religious (or not), get a 'Jeebus' fish and stick it on his door. Or if his room is just next to the toilets or showers, stick a toilet sign on his door and remove the one from the toilet! The possibilities are endless.

5. Taping Stuff on Door

Had a party somewhere over the weekend while your dorm buddy was away? You can show him what he missed by taping ALL the empty beer cans and bottles to his door. Oh yeah, you might like to get creative and form some pictures with it.

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