5 graduation pranks you can try

5 graduation pranks to try. Your last opportunity to try one of them at least. Which one will you choose? These prank ideas are especially great for the solo prankster.

1. Mike Hawk/Hunt

The best pranks are ones that your fellow graduates can see and appreciate, but the faculty that's being pranked on are totally unaware of. Check out this video for some inspiration. For those of you who can't see the video, this creative graduate gets the announcer to announce that he spent quality time Mike Hawk, that he won a wrestling match against Mike Hawk, and to thank Mike Hawk for always 'standing up' for him. Still don't get the joke? Get your mind in the gutter and say Mike Hawk really quickly. Or try Mike Hunt.

Come up with more creative messages using funny names that we have in Hilarious names for prank calls.

2. Butt Naked

This is a classic prank that you've seen in movies. Under your graduation gown, wear nothing - maybe just shoes. Once you received your scroll, moon the audience, strip and run off! As it is, it's not for the faint-hearted, and may lead to serious consequences.

So don't risk it all. Wear a flesh colored suit to simulate nudity instead. No chance of breaking any laws there.

3. Superman

Superman to the rescue? Wear a superman costume underneath your graduation robes. When you receive your scroll, pretend to hear something far far away, and 'rip' your robes apart. Then run off to the rescue. Not as dramatic as flying off, but this is a graduation prank, not an action movie.

4. Who?

In this prank idea, give a funny name like Mike Hawk to the announcer to read. Of course, this graduation prank works only if the announncer reads out names from a card that you hand to him or her. It never hurts to extract some humor out of every flaw you can find in a system.

I'd double up the fun and bet a friend I can get the announcer to say a certain word, if I were you. Not that I encourage betting, of course.

5. Vaseline hand

Smear your right hand with vaseline. Receive your diploma with your clean right hand, then shake the presenter's hand with your right with the widest grin you can muster. Then quickly walk off and shake anyone's hand that comes your way. Guaranteed to frustrate your victims. Maybe even a few of your fellow graduates down the line too.

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