cricket fun

collect a container of crickets and put it in your teachers desk drawer

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  1. Triple_J

    May 02, 16 04:31 PM

    I had a telemarketer call, and when she started, I barked like a dog. She responded with, Excuse me, I don't understand. I continued to bark like a dog,

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  2. Plastic Wrap and Sticky Notes

    May 02, 16 04:30 PM

    Okay so you go into school very early in the day and take all the classroom chairs and hide them and then take plastic wrap and wrap all his or her chairs

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  3. A Bug In The Lamp!

    May 02, 16 04:29 PM

    Make a printing of a large and scary bug. When it prints, cut out the bug and tape it inside a lamp. When they turn on the lamp, the bug will show and

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