Airhorn telemarketer phone prank

by Khang

So, I've been getting these telemarking phone calls and they're annoying. I kept telling them to stop but they never would. For some apparent reason, my sister bought a airhorn at a store. I asked her if I could use it, then I kept it for a few hours and sure enough, the telemarketer called me again. But a few minutes into the call I blasted the air horn REALLY loudly into the microphone of the phone and I heard some crashing and banging sounds (possible him/her falling off his/her chair? lol) I hung up and they never called me ever again.

TL;DR (too long;didn't read): If you wanna stop telemarketing calls, get a airhorn and the next time they call you, blast it in your microphone.

Still tl;dr? Blast a airhorn into your phone's microphone the next time a telemarketer calls you.

tl;dr again. Blast a airhorn at a telemarketer.

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