Wake up prank for a 6 yr old?!

by Shenell

I have a 6 year old stepdaughter who I have to get up for school in the mornings. She usually wakes up slowly...laying around...pulling the covers over her head an just refuses to get up. Turning the lights on an music doesn't help...it just makes her grumpy...so I wanna find a silly prank to get her up an running...lol...I've seen all the basic tricks like throwing water on her...or jumping on the bed...but I wanna find something sillier!...an more annoying..lol...any suggestions!?

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Dec 14, 2017
An idea... NEW
by: Abigail

A prank to make your stepsister cry for her mama: Put on a clown mask and get really close to her face. Then start, and keep on whispering weird stuff like," do you want a balloon?" Or," redhair redhair redhair..." until she wakes and sees your face. That might do the trick. Or you will just get into really big trouble and be grounded for like a month. meh...

No crying? Fine: ................... I got nothin'.

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