Play a toilet prank on an unsuspecting friend!

If you have a friend coming over to your house, or if you're both going to the same party, now's a good to play a toilet prank on him or her!

If you have a friend coming over to your house, or if you're both going to the same party, now's a good to play a prank on him or her!

1. Talking Toilet Paper Spindle

Imagine this. Your friend comes over, decides to use the loo, and then reaches for the toilet paper roll. Suddenly a voice comes out of no-where, saying "At least you remembered to wipe your arse!"! "Ghost!", thinks your friend, and he or she rushes out in a hurry to a see you laughing and holding a video camera...

2. Pee Puck

Invite your friend over for a chat and a couple of drinks. After a while, your friend will definitely need to use the loo. Unknown to him, this little pee puck will already be in the cistern (i.e. the water tank of the toilet). When he or she flushes, more yellow water will come out, making him think that the pee won't flush away!

It works great at home parties as well. It'll definitely be talked about long after the party is over.

3. Eviltron

This little device generates scary sounds and can be easily hidden. It's very likely to startle your friend in the loo with hilarious results, especially if your friend is already seated comfortably on the toilet, and it is quite late at night.

4. Gelling Joke

Want to confuse your friend? Add some of this powder into the toilet bowl before your friend arrives. It'll quickly gell up the water and confuse your friend when pee doesn't mix with "water".

Stink Bombs, Liquid Ass, Pump a dump

Is your friend coming out of the toilet soon? Use a stink bomb, or spray some Liquid Ass/Pump a dump when he or she makes the grand exit. Who else is going to get blamed for the bad smell other than your friend?

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