stepladder behind the door prank

by Mark (The Animal/King Cobra/Chains) Jordan

My favourite practical joke was the stepladder behind the door trick. The ladder I used was a wooden swingback builder's stepladder placed behind a door in to an upstairs bedroom that opened inwards and the floor was made of wood. One day, I decided to play it on someone. So I went upstairs pretending I needed to go to the toilet and I found a room big enough so the ladder did not cause any damage to anything when it fell over, so I placed the ladde rbehind it very carefuĺly without making a sound, went to the toilet and flushed it making out I'd used it and went downstairs and joined my mates to listen for the trap being sprung. I aske my mate to send him or her upstairs to the room where I had set the prank up saying I had left summat in the room and the daft mutt fell for it. He/she went uostairs to the room, opend the the door and the ladder fell over with a really loud BANG and the silly beggar screamed the house down and we all pissed ourselve laughing when the victim came down and was white as a sheet.

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