small prank for mums which always works

by Lauren

this is just a small, helpless prank, but is good if u cant think of any pranks to do. anyway, one day my mum decided to do a carboot, but i didnt want to do it but i had to. so we had to get up quite early and my mum has a coffee EVERY MORNING. So when she had boiled the kettle, i tipped out the hot water and put cold water in the kettle, then i swapped the sugar with the salt. so she poured out the (cold) water from the kettle and mixed it with the coffe mix and the sugar (which is actually salt). it's not a very good prank but if u want something little and works everytime, try this!

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Jan 02, 2015
by: Anonymous

Yeah did the same thing to my sis but with cocoa I made and and hot water

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