scaring sister

by Madison

growing up, i had to sisters who loved to scare me,everytime mom or dad left they wold scare me since i was the youngest, not anymore though, i knew everything they were afraid of spiders, snakes, rats, but best of all jason.....

they could not stand him everytime they saw a mask of him they would run away crying....well since they were oldest they had to stay home and watch me when mom and dad went out so i come up with a plan......

I asked my mom if my friend kalaje could come over while they were gone since kalaje only lived around the block she could walk over i told her about the plan and we decided to do it knew my sisters did not lock the door when mom or dad left so anyone could come in even if mom or dad told them to so this was the perfect revenge......:):):):):):)

first make sure your parents are not home then make sure you have two sets of jason costumes for you and your friend to wear next you to put them on we only had to doors a front and a back so my friend got to one door and i got to the other we stood there and then i faked a scream my sister said were are u and i said iam at the back door so when she came i was standing there in the jason costume she sream and fell on the ground and started running i started running toward her she got my middle sister and they both started to run for the front door and i just stood at the back door and watched while they ran to the front door when they got there you herd them both scream in terror they ran to the living room and fell to the corner crying we ran in and found them when we did we stood there and watched them and then took off the mask and fell laughing but if your like me don't fall just run because they are gonna come after you mad so just try it and then comment back GOOD LUCK GUYS:):):):):)!!!!!!!!!!

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