7 good pranks on sisters you can try

Are you looking for to play some good pranks on sisters? Get some laughs at the expense of your sister with these pranks!

1. Ceiling Water Bowl

Trick your sister into holding a water bowl against the ceiling in this prank idea. First, tell your sister that you want to show her a magic trick to make water in a bowl disappear, but you need her as a volunteer. Stand on a chair and hold up a bowl full of water against the ceiling, then ask your sister to hold up the bowl with a stick. Come down, grab the chair, and run away from your sister. You can either let her drop the bowl eventually, or you can just sneak up behind her and smack her bottom or tickle her to get her to drop it.

This is the only prank of all the good pranks on sisters listed here that leaves your sister stuck in once place.

2. Salty Cereal

What better way to start the day than to play this salty prank idea on your sister? There are many ways to play this prank, but you'll need salt as basic material in all of them. The easiest way to play this prank is to wait for your sister to pour out her cereal and milk, then distract her while you pour in the salt. A good way to distract her is if you have another brother call out to her from another part of the house. If there's a TV in the kitchen you'll probably have some moments to sneak salt in when she is totally into the show.

Another method is sneakier and works better, but needs some patience. It works well when your sister's favorite cereal is almost running out. Add in a large amount of salt so that when your sister pours the cereal out into the bowl, the salt will go into the bowl with it! When she adds the milk, she'll get a really salty surprise!

The last method is to mix in salt into the milk that your sister uses in her cereal. Of course, don't do this on a full carton or you'll be wasting more milk than you need to. When there's enough milk for one more serving, add in salt the night before and she'll be drinking it in the morning!

Can you think of another way? I'm thinking that there are more ways than this to lay good pranks on sisters.

3. Spiders

Most girls I know, my little sister included, get freaked out by real or fake spiders. Of course, it's much better to use fake spiders because the real ones might get squished to death by your sister, and that's cruel. Don't worry, there are many ways to pull of this prank with the same spider. check out the following good pranks on sisters.

One of the best types of fake spider is the one with a string attached. If you can't find one with a string, it's ok - you can tie your own to it. Here's a funny way to use your spider: Hang it in front of your sister's room door. When she opens the door to come out, she'll see your spider hanging there and scream!

Here's another tip: Hide it in your sister's pillow, smack right in the middle. When she lies down on it she'll feel a lump and put her hand in to check it out. That's when she pulls out the spider and sees it. If that doesn't scare her, I don't know what will.

Try this one too: Put the spider in a high place such as the top of the fridge. Then tie your spider to the inside part of the fridge door so that when your sister opens it, it will pull the spider off the top of the fridge onto her. She'll get a nasty shock finding a spider instead of a tasty treat.

Last one: If your sister is sleeping in the lower bunk of a bed, simply stick your spider with double-sided tape onto the underside of the top bunk. Of course it'll help if the spider glows in the dark, but even if it doesn't I'm sure your sister will notice it eventually.

4. Honey Shampoo

Most girls I know, particularly my own little sis, are particular about their looks. Hair is an important part of that look, so you can imagine shampoo being very important to them. Mess with that and your sister will probably get really annoyed. That's what makes this one of the good pranks on sisters.

The idea is simple - pour out the original shampoo and pour in honey to replace it. When your sister tries to shampoo her hair with it, she'll find out soon enough that it won't make her smell sweet, but it certainly will make her taste sweet!Try not to do this prank on full bottles because we don't want to waste too much shampoo in the name of a prank. If you can, make sure you pour the shampoo into another empty bottle to avoid waste.

5. Hidden Alarm Clocks

Sisters love their beauty sleep. I know my sister does. You can interrupt your sister's beauty sleep by setting several alarm clocks so that each is set to ring on every hour after midnight. Once you've set the alarm clocks, hide them all over your sister's room.

You can hide the first one under the bed, the next in her closet, then on top of her closet, behind her computer, under her table and much more. The number of hiding spots are limited by your imagination. When you are successful (and I know you will be), your sister will be waking up on every hour hunting for the ringing alarm clock. If you're looking for good pranks on sisters who love their sleep? This is the best.

6. Saran Wrap on Toilet

This is one classic prank that will cause a mess in the toilet when your sister uses it. Simply take some cling wrap or saran wrap and wrap it across the toilet bowl under the toilet seat. Leave the toilet seat down on top of your artwork. When your sister sits down to pee (or worse, poop!), you can expect a huge mess and a hilarious reaction. Of course, it doesn't work all the time and works best in the dark or dim lighting, but if you don't try it you'll never know.

7. Egg in Shoes

Break your sister's morning routine by cracking this prank on her (pun intended). Simply place an egg inside her shoe all the way to where her toes are supposed to be. Better yet, place an egg in EACH shoe. When your sister slips it on it's almost impossible to avoid cracking the egg. And when she does, prepare to run! She certainly won't be able to catch you once you've played the messiest of good pranks on sisters on her leg!

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