funny prank to put on anyone

by Morgan

First if someone got you really mad. While that person is sleeping.Get a bucket of warm water.Put her hand in it.Go back to bed.When you wake up.There will be something wet on her bed.

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Aug 24, 2014
pranking your sister
by: Anonymous

find a box that you can fit in then ask your sister to push you in the box. then when she is in a different room get in the box. tell a parent to get your sister and pick up her toys and put in the box. then pop out of the box and scream!!

May 25, 2012
awesome school prankz
by: prankstrbbz

1.get a handwriting pen shake it really hard but dont let anyone see you wait for someone to open it, there will be ink all over them
2.put a pin on a teachers chair and when they sit down in agony tell the teacher someone else put it on the chair
3.sneak your phone into class,make sure you dont get caught!basically start playing music the teacher will be puzzled trying to find out who is doing it!

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