The rubber bands and My mouth!

Ok so bacilli me and my BFF ware playing a prank well 2/3 because we took some rubber bands and put them it her sisters rooms those 2 will be SOOO mad LOL and my mouth OMG to funny ok so we took some of the stuff you ues to numb the pain in your mouth and put it on her toothbrush XD

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Apr 15, 2018
Dangerous NEW
by: Not a Doctor

Do not EVER put any sort of medication on somebody else's toothbrush, unless you don't mind them being dead or severely injured.

People react to medications in all sorts of different ways. And sometimes, even medicines "guaranteed to be safe" can kill somebody who's allergic to it.

Not everybody knows what they're allergic to.

Medications are not a joke.

(Also, there is precisely no content in this post, ignoring the medication + toothbrush "prank".)

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