by Hans
(Killeen, TX)

Christmas in Dallas,.

Christmas in Dallas,.

I had a telemarketer call, and when she started, I barked like a dog. She responded with, "Excuse me, I don't understand." I continued to bark like a dog, and she hung up. The next one that called said he was from the IRS. He stated he had a warrant for my arrest and the police would be out to cuff me and stuff me. His area code and phone appeared to be legit, but he had an Indian accent. I asked him what am I being arrested for? He stated TAX Evasion. Seems I have not paid taxes for the past 8 years. I acted like I was scared, and said how much do I owe. He said somewhere about $18 thousand plus. I said that can't be. He said he'd get his supervisor and talk to me. Another man came on line and he told be that they were sending the police to come and haul me off. I said okay, I looked up the local police department's phone number and I gave that to him and told him to come and get me. He then said I want to F--- your mother. I said, well, she lives in Castro Valley, CA, she's buried in lot #*&^%, and if you can dig her up, you can have at it. He hung up one, and since I had his phone number I called him and his supervisor 35 times, just to let them know, I can play this game. I'm still waiting for them to call again. I love messing with these people that call.

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