Gag gifts for 50th birthday friends and loved ones

Getting gag gifts for 50th birthday celebrations can add to the fun of the event. Imagine the laughter and enjoyment that comes from your cleverly thought gift that pokes fun at your friend's age! Age is just a number, right? Of course, play this (or these) only on a person that you like.

1. Inflatable Walker

Purchase an inflatable walker for your friend. You can get it from your local or online gag store for about USD10. A real one can cost around USD100 and above, but the plus side is that you can pimp it up like you would a bicycle (a bell and rear view mirrors + ribbons).

2. 50 Lollipops or Rocks

Say "Happy 50th Birthday" by giving a gift of 50 items. You can give an optimistic message by giving your friend 50 rocks (50 ROCKS, yeah!!), or a more pessimistic one by giving 50 lollipops (50 sucks, boo!).

If you're going to give the rocks, give them in style. Paint each individual rock with a number. This takes time alone, so you might like to enlist the help of your friends. When the paint is dry, bring the rocks to your friend's celebration party. As the party progresses, hide all the rocks all over his or her home, except for rock number 50 (should be a really polished and shiny rock). Hand this one over to your friend. Your friend will find out what went on later when he or she stumbles across the other 49 rocks over the next few months.

If you're going for the lollipops, you might want to present them as a bouquet (just like a bunch of flowers), or stick them out in the yard to form '5' and '0'. I don't recommend hiding them in the house like you would the rocks because the lollipops will attract ants, melt, or both.

3. Backwards running clock

You can modify a cheap analog (the ones with hands) clock to runs backwards. The video above show you how to do it. If you can't see the video, try visiting a text and picture based on at (opens in a new window).

Note that these instructions also work for analog wall clocks.

Wrap it as you would any other birthday present, accompanied with a card that says something along these lines - "Don't you wish you could turn back time?". The prank kicks in later when your victim starts to use the clock and realizes that it runs backwards instead of forwards!

4. Social Security Blanket

If you knit, or would like to purchase a blanket as a gift, pin on an extra label on your blanket that says "Social Security Blanket". If you want it to be discovered much later, you'll need to sew on the words and sew the label on in a small corner of the blanket.

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