5 funny prank ideas for gullible targets

Some funny prank ideas work well because they’re unexpected. And they usually involve mundane, day-to-day things that we use around the house, like food. Here are five funny gags that you can use to take your victim by surprise!

Funny Prank 1. The “poison” fruit

Pranks are most effective when they are least expected. For this funny gag, you need a syringe and a hollow needle. Get a citrus fruit and inject it with some vinegar. The stronger the vinegar, the better! Then, offer the fruit to your friend and try to keep a straight face.

A more elaborate version of this prank involves injecting several citrus fruits with vinegar, and then placing them in a bowl or basket with regular ones. Remember to leave small, almost unnoticeable (but visible) marks so that you can differentiate them. This way, you will get several victims at once and also distance yourself from possible blame

2. Oops! I tore my...

Here’s a classic prank idea that you can pull off at a moment’s notice. The key moment is when your victim begins to move from a still position, for example, when rising from a chair. At that moment, secretly tear apart a Velcro strip — loudly.

The unexpected tearing sound will stop your victim in his tracks, fearing the worst. More importantly, this funny gag will suggest to others nearby that he tore his pants. Cue red-faced embarrassment, hushed, giggling whispers and laughter all around!

3. The newspaper mix-up

Watching confused reactions can be a lot of fun. This funny gag works best in the morning, just after the morning newspaper delivery. Before he reads it, take your victim’s newspaper and randomly swap the pages with the pages from a recent but old newspaper. Yesterday’s newspaper would be perfect. Be sure to leave the front cover as is, however.

When your victim sits back for a relaxing newspaper read, imagine his bewilderment at reading yesterday’s news today. Some victims may not realize it immediately, so for this funny gag to work you will have to be patient and wait for the reaction. Your victim’s perplexed expression upon realizing it will be priceless!

4. Hot truffles

This funny prank will surprise your target. Get some chocolate truffles and carefully slice them open. Insert some chilly paste inside them and then re-seal the truffles before offering them to a friend. Reheat the edges to seal them, and use your finger to smudge the cut edge to hide it.

You can also play this funny gag on a group of friends simultaneously. Insert some chilly paste into the truffles and mix those truffles with regular ones. Then, bring them all to a gathering or potluck party and watch the hilarity that follows!

5. Pebbly candies

For this funny gag, you need some smooth polished pebbles. Find some candy wrappers and re-seal them with the pebbles inside. Then place them in a bowl at work or home and see who tries to eat them. You can also mix them with real candies as camouflage. Be careful though; some victims may not realize they’re putting pebbles into their mouths so be ready to prevent choking.

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Get a boiled egg, melt some chocolate, and pour it over the egg. Wait for it to dry, and give it to a friend or family member. :-)

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